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[In Step With a center of hope and safety] Published three times a year Vol 12 No 1 - Winter 2007

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A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

Every year Mid-Valley holds a holiday giving program where members of the community may adopt families, host a "Giving Tree", or donate gifts from their Holiday Wishlist. During this time, the agency has learned to expect amazing amounts of kindness from Salem residents as overwhelming amounts of gifts and wish fulfillments of families are rewarded. This Christmas season was no exception as the dreams and needs of 41 women and 125 children were met far beyond anyone's expectations. Through the astonishing generosity of the Salem community, families connected to Mid-Valley had Christmas mornings full of magic and hope. Mid-Valley is incredibly thankful for the awareness and compassion of its community members. Without them, their holiday program would not exist

Mid-Valley's Annual Silent Auction and 33rd Anniversary Celebration

person On Tuesday, December 5th, Mid-Valley hosted its Annual Silent Auction and 33rd Anniversary Celebration. As with previous years, the event was held in the Spinning Room of the Mission Mill Museum with beautifully decorated tables, delicious refreshments, over 300 items for bidding, and hundreds of Mid-Valley supporters.

New to this year's event was the addition of three raffles. Raffles for a lovely handmade quilt and fun gift basket added to the excitement of the night.

After the welcoming remarks and an update about the agencies Hope and Safety Guild membership opportunities, Mid-Valley presented its yearly awards to their deserving recipients.

Accepting the Pam Janes Volunteer Hall of Fame Award was Angela Stamps, a hotline volunteer for the agency for over two years. In only her past year of volunteering, Angela had completed 444 hours of hotline shifts. The audience also learned that Angela is a volunteer Mid-Valley can call last minute to fill shifts and that she always accepts with great enthusiasm.

Next, Jayne Downing, Mid-Valley's Executive Director, informed the audience of the death of a beloved Board member, friend, and advocate of the agency, Roxanne Donovan. After a brief explanation of her contributions and the love and gratitude the agency has for her, Rick Segal, Roxanne's husband, spoke about her journey into a life of advocacy, compassion, and feminism (more about Roxanne on page 5). Following, Jayne Downing made it known that from that night on, the Community Support Hall of Fame Award would be known as the Roxanne Donovan Community Support Hall of Fame Award in her honor.

This year's recipient of the award was Salem's local Lowes Home Improvement store employees. As part of United Way's "Days of Caring", Lowes chose Mid-Valley as the location to volunteer their landscaping talents. For two days, Lowes employees worked diligently to transform the grounds of the Mid-Valley office. Lowes also donated all supplies and tools necessary for the project and the result proved beyond the expectations of Mid-Valley staff.

After the awards, Roi Holt, the keynote speaker for the night, took to the podium. Roi has worked in victim services since 1976. She has provided advocacy to victims of all ages, offered trainings, helped develop strategies for victim services in Oregon, and as the Project Manager for the Crime Victim Assistance Network, implemented the Oregon State Victim Assistance Academy. Roi currently serves as adjunct faculty for Marylhurst University and Clackamas Community College, while working as a consultant providing training and expertise to victim service agencies.

Using her wealth of experience and knowledge, Roi provided a dynamic speech including a historical review of the advancement in victim services, a timeline of Mid-Valley's accomplishments, and her hopes for the future of the movement. She also informed the audience of the lessons she has learned over the years and the importance of community support for victim service agencies.

The night ended with more bidding, the announcements of raffle winners, and a final thank you to the agency's supporters. Mid-Valley's Annual Silent Auction and 33rd Anniversary Celebration was yet another night to remember thanks to the on-going and incredible generosity of the community. These magnificent supporters of Mid-Valley helped bring in over $22,000.00 towards hope and safety for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Mid-Valley is extremely thankful for the awareness and compassion of its community members.


Time is Running Out!

hourglass Once again, an anonymous foundation is offering to match any gift of $250 to Mid-Valley until January 31! You can either donate or pledge your gift (pledges to be paid in full by June 30) and become a part of Mid-Valley's Hope and Safety Guild. The goal of the Hope and Safety Guild is to increase the long-term financial sustainability of the agency programs. Don't miss your chance to make a difference!

Donations can be made by mail, phone, or in person. Cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard, and automatic deduction from your bank account are accepted payment methods.

Mid-Valley is thankful for another opportunity to help strengthen the Hope and Safety Guild and the many services they provide survivors. It's through the generosity of friends like you that Mid-Valley has been able to help those in need for over 33 years!


A Lowes Makeover for Mid-Valley!

tools It's never been a secret to anyone who has visited Mid-Valley's office, that their front yard was definitely not equal to the beauty of their historic home. They did their best to make the brown "grass", lack of pathways and lighting, and weeds make do, but their efforts never brought forth a garden worth admiring. Thankfully, this fall, that all changed.

As part of United Way's "Days of Caring" (a project that helps volunteer groups do short-term community service projects for agencies involved in specific United Way programs), Salem's local Lowes Home Improvement store chose Mid-Valley as their landscaping project. As if this wasn't enough to make Mid-Valley jump for joy, Lowes also included tools and supplies, decided to landscape around the whole office and Training Center, and gave them fifty backpacks full of hygiene items for shelter residents!

Lowes staff members worked meticulously for two days, pulling up the old sod, removing debris, adding plants, laying bark dust, installing lights, placing pavers for walkways, and much more. They are also planning the addition of a larger sign for the agency, more plantings, and the installation of additional lights around the office for increased safety.

Mid-Valley is exceedingly grateful for the thoughtfulness, hard work, and kindness from the staff of Lowes. Thanks to them, their office is more welcoming and approachable to the community and survivors. Make sure you stop by and see the beautiful changes!


Mid-Valley Hosts Reception

party This fall Mid-Valley showed their appreciation once again to its Hope and Safety Guild members by hosting the second annual Hope and Safety Guild Reception in their honor. This delightful reception brought an opportunity for Hope and Safety Guild members to meet each other, Mid-Valley staff, and Board members while indulging in the pleasure of good food, conversation, and appreciation for their generosity. Mid-Valley is thankful for the many community members who have helped provide hope and safety to survivors.
A special thank you from Mid-Valley to Amadeus Café for their delicious refreshments and services.

Remembering Roxanne

Roxanne Donovan was a longtime advocate and friend of Mid-Valley. Over twelve years ago she joined their Board of Directors and added much enthusiasm to the group. Roxanne was a very active board member and served in many leadership capacities including Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer. She also used her knowledge as a physician by offering her expertise on medical issues to the Marion County Domestic Violence Council for many years.

Devastatingly, after almost ten years of living with Multiple Sclerosis, Roxanne was diagnosed with a rapidly growing brain tumor. After consulting with her doctors, she chose a hospice referral with plans to die at home in the comfort and care of her beloved family and cats. Roxanne passed away last October in her sleep.

Mid-Valley will always remember Roxanne as a generous, compassionate woman who quietly served the needs of hundreds of women. She was a woman, wife, mother, cat lover, dear friend, and feminist whom will always be remembered in the hearts of many. As spoken by Jayne Downing, Mid-Valley Executive Director, "Roxanne was an incredible woman and advocate for the rights of survivors of domestic and sexual violence. It was my great privilege to serve on the Board of Directors with her and to have her as my direct supervisor for many years. Roxanne's legacy of caring will continue, but she will be missed by all of us at the Crisis Service and by our community."


A Sad Farewell

Jay "Bruce" Boyd started volunteering for Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Service approximately five years ago. He mostly donated useful items such as toy boxes, gift wrapping stations, and storage bins through his talent of woodworking. Bruce also donated beautifully crafted wooden items to Mid-Valley's Silent Auction and made it known to the agency that whenever his services were needed, he was just a phone call away.

On November 27 of last year, while at Mid-Valley's office taking measurements for another project, Bruce was taken ill and rushed to Salem Hospital. He died later that day in the presence of his loved ones. Mid-Valley sends their sincerest condolences to his wife, Orlena, and all those whose lives were touched by Bruce.


Another Future Advocate is Born!

cora On the night of November 2, Kate Sorem, Mid-Valley's Youth Services Coordinator, gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Cora Grace Sorem weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces and was 20 ˝ inches long. Mid-Valley is overjoyed to have another addition to the family and is optimistic towards Cora's future in advocacy!

Upcoming Events

Fast Track Volunteer Training
Mid-Valley's next Fast Track Volunteer Training will be held March 29-April 1. For more information, please contact Dana Lundy, Volunteer Coordinator, at 503-378-1572 (Monday-Friday) or dana@mvwcs.com.
  National Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Every April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To help create awareness Mid-Valley offers free bookmarks with turquoise/Aqua ribbons and free speaking engagements throughout the community. Some of the best ways to help end sexual assault are learning the correct information and spreading awareness. Let Mid-Valley help you be a part of National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and work towards a community of hope and safety. For more information contact Mid-Valley's office at 503-378-1572 (Monday-Friday).

Mid-Valley's Winter Wish List
For Mid-Valley's Extended Wish List, see Wish List
If you are interested in donating items, please bring them to the Mid-Valley office at 795 Winter St. NE (between Union and D Street-"the big white house"), Monday-Friday from 9-5. Donation receipts are available.

  • Umbrellas

  • Heating pads and/or hot water bottles

  • Gift certificates for gasoline, groceries, clothing, and shoes

  • Day Planners

  • Light bulbs

  • Formula (regular and soy)

  • Baby food for babies and toddlers (jars)

  • Larger sized diapers (size 3 and up)

  • Household cleaning supplies (dish soap, laundry detergent, disinfectants)

  • Dryer sheets

  • Winter accessories (gloves, scarves, hats)

We couldn't do it without you.

Many thanks to the following groups and individuals who made financial contributions to Mid-Valley between October 2006-December 2006

A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village   Accur Accounts Inc.   Adrienne Sexton   Agnes Cross   Al & Diane Buhr   Amadeus Café   Amanda Yip   Amy Garlock   Andrea Dailey   Anna Penk   Anonymous   Ardeane & Warren Smith   Arlene Arlin-Janssens   Barbara Wright   Biesterveld Gilde Living Trust   Bill & Sheryl Arnett   Bob & Leslie Zeigen   Bob & Pam Smith   Bonnie Braeutigam   Bruce Carroll   Bruce Rogers   C.P. Veldhuisen   Capitol Forum   Carmen Bacho   Carol L. 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Nielsen   In memory of Joanne Ginther Barbara Resch Charlene Bryant Darrell & Lillis Marlow Doreen Darras Laura A. Kimmer Lyle Braff Patsy Herigstad Terri Bennett   In memory of Lorraine Palumbo Gloria Twiss Moles   In memory of Patti Campbel Dept of Justice Division of Child Support   In memory of Rex Swindling Peggy Swindling   In memory of Roxanne Donovan The Board & Staff of MVWCS Alex Burt Beverly & Paul Bennett Bob & Lori Ponec Cheryl Randall Diana & Glen Hammer Elfreda Harris Elizabeth Nevue Heraldine Schwartz Joan Scherf Joan Stembridge Joanne Vietty John & Jean DeJarnatt Judy Martin Lois Stark, David MacMillan, & Zachary Stark-MacMillan M. Bigliardi M.C. Bickert Martha Benedict Martha Margosian Michael & Beverly Carrick Neil Sherwood Patricia Wurzel Richard Secrest Robert & Helen Carpenter Robert & Rose Marie Kuenzi Roy & Thelma Blzckstone Ruth Malloy Salem Hospital Regional Health Services Valorie Ann Freeman WellGen Inc. 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A World of Thanks from Mid-Valley to their Auction Donors

A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village   AAA Oregon   Affordable Framing   Allenea Williams (Mia Bella Salon)   Altrusa, Susan Sironen   Amber Birdsall   Audrey Boyes   Bank of the Cascades   Barb Wilson   Barbara Schreiner   Bella Vita Salon & Day Spa   Bentley's Grill   Best Little Roadhouse   Betty Downing   Bob Pool   Bobbi Bowman   Bruce Rogers   Carol Locke   Caruso's   Chris Sielicky   Christina Hoffman   Chuck Simpson   Craig Martell   Creekside Golf Course   Darlene Cooper   Dawn White   Deborah Cagle   Deborah Loers & David Prentice   Debra Herring, Debra Herring Studio   Delia Martinez   Desperate Housewives   Donna Stor   Donna Strauss   Dorothy Golik   Duck Pond Cellars   Emily Trussell   Enchanted Forest   End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center   Engelhardt Farm Winery   Family Fun Center   Faye Melius   Gabrielle James   Gladys Friesen   Glenda Nabors, Tomboy Tools    Guy & Opal Lundy   Interior by Design, Tina Lottis   Jackie McKenzie, Wild Pear   Jade Earth Acupuncture, Echo L. Hobbs   Jamba Juice North   Jamba Juice South   Jan Johnson, Rose & Ram Knit Shop & Studio   Janet Lockhart   Janet Norton   Jay Bruce Boyd   Jayne Downing   Jean Harvey   Jean Shrull   Jeanette Hardison   Jeff Patterson   Jeffrey D.Scott   Jennifer Ruks   Jim & Carol Krager   Jim Ransom   Joan Estes   Joe Olexa   Junpei & Anya Sekino   Karen Bajpai   Karen Henderson   Karen Meissner   Kate & Del Bayne   Kate VanRaden   Kate Webb, Mary Kay   Kathy Lull   Kay Meissner    Kazuko Ogura   Konditorei   Kristine VanRaden   Lang Winery   Larry Lewis, Scott's Cycling & Fitness   Laura Kesler Quiroz   Laureal Williams   Libby Crom   Linda Owen   Lorraine Dye   Lynn Tylczak   Macy's   Marcia Wallace (Mia Bella Salon)   Marie Calendar's   Mariners   Mary Ann Radmacher   Mary O'Neill (Mia Bella Salon)   McGrath's   Michele Gray   Morgen Brodie   Nan Happ, The Arbor   Nancy Gardner   Northern Lights Theatre Pub   OMSI   Oregon Coast Aquarium   Oregon Zoo   Patricia Wurzel   Peggy Kelly   Penny Holm   Penny Labberton   Phil Patterson   Pittock Mansion   Polly Hare   Portland Ducks   Portland Rose Hot Air Balloons   Portland Trail Blazers   Primetime Pizza South   Professionails   Rhonda Culley   Richard Bunse   Richard Leach   Robert L. Fox    Salem Fiberarts Guild   Sara Labberton   Shari's Management Corporation   Sharon Lesh   Shelly Meissner   Sherri Moran   Shirlie Shelton, Curves   Stephanie Merhib   Sue Donnelly, Grocery Outlet   Sue Hanley   Sue Quigley   Susan Brandt   Susan Spencer, Bridie's Irish Faire   Susie Steffel, Heavenly Housekeeping   Sybil's Omlette   Tanya Calson   University of Oregon   Val Martin   Vicki Myers (Mia Bella Salon)   Vickie Simpson  

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